Snap evaluation of Merlin - online survey this week

The Department for Work and Pensions has commissioned the Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion to conduct an independent evaluation of the Merlin Standard. This survey will give an opportunity for providers and stakeholders to provide feedback which will contribute to the further development of the Merlin Standard by DWP.

Inclusion say that the survey should take 10 minutes to complete and all replies to the survey are confidential and will not be shared.

CDG-WISE Ability sails through Merlin assessment

Congratulations to CDG-WISE Ability, and their supply chain, who received the highest grade possible in their Merlin assessment. Their 90% rating reflected an assessment of "excellent" across all four areas of the assessment.

The assessors found:
* Very strong emphasis on the activities of the CDG-WISE Ability supply chain network in having a positive impact on the disabled person it supports. Values and principles are shared, embraced and are embedded in organisational practices.

The Merlin Standard: Guide for DWP providers

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Work Programme, Work Choice , Merlin and Supply chain contracting

The Merlin Standard is a standard of behaviour which DWP prime providers are expected to adhere to in their relationship with their subcontractors. It is designed to encourage excellence in supply chain management by DWP prime providers. This ensures the fair treatment of sub-contractors and development of healthy high performing supply chains.

The development of the Merlin Standard responded directly to concerns raised by DWP providers, especially those not operating as prime contractors, around potential unfair treatment within supply chains.

Merlin reports available on Work Programme prime providers

All the Work Programme prime providers have now passed the Merlin Standard. The Standard assesses the supply chain behaviours of providers against four core principles; Supply Chain Design, Commitment, Conduct and Review. Against each of these principles providers are assessed as being excellent (*5% or more), good (70% to 84%), satisfactory (55% to 69%) or unsatisfactory (below 54%.

Individual review reports from the first assessments are available to download at

Guide to strengthening supply chain relationships

ERSA, ACEVO and NCVO have launched a guide, ‘Perfect Partners: strengthening relationships within employment services supply chains’. The guide uses case studies from a range of different supply chain models to demonstrate examples of best practice from employment programmes, including the Work Programme, Work Choice and Access to Work.

NCVO drafting code of practice for public / private cooperation

SERCO and NCVO are working together to produce a code to promote good practice and co-operative working between the private sector and voluntary and community sector in the delivery of public services. They’re seeking your comments as they draft this tool.

Merlin assessments - provider views sought by emqc Ltd

The Merlin Standard website has posted details of organisations which have assessments scheduled for the near future. emqc Ltd, the organisation contracted to run Merlin, are inviting organisations to let them know if they wish to submit views regarding any of the organisations that have assessments pending. This includes organisations that were unsuccessful in becoming part of the supply chain relationship.

emqc Ltd wins Merlin tender

Carley Consult is reporting that DWP has awarded the new concession agreement for the delivery of the Merlin Standard Assessment, Accreditation and Web Portal Service to emqc Ltd.

Merlin Standard

Central Government
DWP, Work Programme, Work Choice , Supply chain contracting, Procurement , Merlin and Commissioning
Web link and Report

The Merlin Standard has been designed to recognise and promote sustainable excellence and positive partnership working within supply chains and provide guidance to those seeking to achieve it.

BASE attends Merlin Advisory Group

BASE attended a meeting of the Merlin Advisory Group on 5 January.

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