Information for Jobseekers

Are you a disabled job seeker? The British Association for Supported Employment (BASE) has lots of information to help you in your search for the right job, whatever your disability.

What is Supported Employment?
Supported Employment is a way of providing assistance to people with a disability who need extra support to move towards and into work. BASE member organisations have the specialist knowledge to give you this support.

BASE member organisations can give you advice and help all through the process of looking for and gaining a job. You can search for an organisation or service close to youhere

They can advise you on all stages of job hunting, from the start of your search up to getting an interview and beyond. Some of the services our members provide are:
* help to build your confidence and self esteem
* training, from basic skills to vocational and professional qualifications
* help to match you with the right job for your experience and skills
* work trials so you can try a job and gain experience
* help through the interview process, sometimes even attending interviews with you for support
* 'on the job' help to guide and support you through the early stages
* advising potential employers on reasonable adjustments
* help to keep your job if you become disabled or are finding work difficult with your existing disability.

Learning disabilities

Most of our members provide support to people who have a learning disability. For more information click here.

Tell us your story!

We're looking for your feedback on Work Choice and the Work Programme. Click here to tell us your story.

Mental Health

One million people experiencing mental distress are on welfare benefits. Most want to work. Click here for mental health resources.


Click here for information on some of the more commonly asked questions.

Find support!

BASE's membership includes a wide range of organisations that can offer you support. Find the nearest to you by clicking here.