Big Society

ResPublica report calls for economic localism

ResPublica has published Responsible Recovery: A social contract for local growth. The report calls for a more joined-up approach to government policy on welfare, poverty and employment.

Arguing that we need localism that creates work and opportunity, rooting recovery in the communities that are most crying out for it, the report calls for a 'social contract' between residents, local business, service providers and the wider community, which would account for the needs of local labour markets, community networks and social assets.

nef report highlights impact of austerity measures

Ther New Economics Foundation (nef) has published Everyday Insecurity, a critique of how the Government's austerity measures are impacting on some of the most deprived communities in Birmingham and Haringey.

The report looks at:
• How people are experiencing the cumulative impact of welfare reform and public sector cuts in a time of recession;
• What the ‘Big Society’ means for people and communities in the context of this new austerity;
• What alternative strategies might do more to improve people’s quality of life and their access to support and well-being.

Select Committee publishes report on Big Society

The Public Administration Select Committee has published its report on the Big Society. It says that the Big Society project doesn't do enough to help 'the little society': Without a coherent implementation plan, there is confusion over message, whilst smaller charities face barriers in contracting and commissioning policies.

Right to Run - Social Enterprise Coalition report

Social Enterprise Coalition
Social enterprise and Big Society

This guide follows the journey from working in the public sector to starting a mutual or social enterprise. It explores every stage of the journey - from planning and setting up a new social enterprise to going live. It provides a checklist of actions at each stage, and features stories of those who have successfully made the transition. It also gives links to other helpful resources and documents.

SEC guide for public sector staff on setting up a social enterprise

Public sector workers thinking about setting up a social enterprise or mutual can now find out exactly what’s involved, thanks to a comprehensive new guide from the Social Enterprise Coalition.

Government paper opens public services to competition

The Government has published its Open Public Services White Paper. This paper sets out the government’s approach to opening up public services in England to competition by applying five key principles.

A vision for adult social care: Capable communities and active citizens

Dept of Health
Dept of Health, Social care, Personalisation and Big Society
Report and Policy document

The Vision sets out how the Government wishes to see services delivered for people; a new direction for adult social care, putting personalised services and outcomes centre stage.

Tackling Worklessness: A Review of the contribution and role of local authorities and partnerships

Dept for communities and local govt
Local authorities, DCLG, Welfare reform, Houghton and Big Society
Review and Response

Cllr Stephen Houghton's review into the role of local authorities in tackling worklessness. The report contains a number of recommendations including a requirement for local authorities to undertake worklessness assessments and the freedom to publish Work and Skills Plans. The report argues that integrated work and skills budgets should be made available and a challenge fund established to support deprived areas.

Also attached below is the Government response to the review.

Strategy for growing the social investment market

Cabinet Office
Third sector, Cabinet Office, Strategy, Finance and Big Society
Policy document

This document sets out the Government’s vision of a "thriving social investment market where social ventures can access the capital they need to grow, allowing them to do more to help build a bigger, stronger society".

Strategy for growing the social investment market

This document sets out the government’s vision of a "thriving social investment market where social ventures can access the capital they need to grow, allowing them to do more to help build a bigger, stronger society".

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