Framework for Vocational Rehabilitation to be developed


The Department for Work and Pensions recently launched the Framework for Vocational Rehabilitation in response to concerns about the spiraling costs of employer liability insurance.

It is a first step towards providing direction and leadership on vocational rehabilitation by:

  • producing a working description of vocational rehabilitation
  • taking appropriate action to ensure that Government initiatives complement each other and contain consistent messages

Online consultation on delivering equality for disabled people


DWP is running an online consultation regarding the proposed extension of the Disability Discrimination Act to functions of public authorities, and the introduction of a duty to promote equality for disabled people.

Consultation on DDA extension to cover LA functions


The Department for Work and Pensions is consulting on two key provisions of this forthcoming Act: the way it covers the functions of public bodies and the duty to promote equality. The document includes details of the proposed scope of Disability Equality Schemes. More...

Consultation on the Positive Action Duty on Disability


The DWP are planning a round of consultations on the positive duty on disability in late July and September. Invitations will be sent to all Chief Executives at the end of June asking for nominations, but they are happy to accept self-nomination also.

The exact dates and venues are not finalised at this stage, but will be by the time the invitations go out. There are consultation events in eight areas of the country, so there should be one near to you. The contact for more details at the DWP is sue [dot] hammond [at] dwp [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk (Sue Hammond).

Building on New Deal - new delivery framework to be implemented


The Government has released a new report, "Building on New Deal", that will guide changes to the framework for New Deal delivery. The report advocates central control but increased flexibility in local delivery of the programme. The report calls for closer working with the private and voluntary sector as a way of targeting the most disadvantaged people. Jobcentre Plus Personal Advisors will be supported to make cost-benefit jusgements and will have access to a "menu of provision". The new approach will be tested in"prototype districts" from October.

Consultation on vocational rehabilitation qualifications framework


DWP is consulting on a new qualifications framework around vocational rehabilitation. They have set out their thoughts in a discussion document and are seeking responses by 12 July. The final report is due for publication in late summer 2004. The documents are available on the DWP website.

New report into transitions barriers


The Department for Work and Pensions has released a new report into the barriers faced by people as they make the transition to adult life and have to take up adult services. This qualitative study was commissioned in response to the Disability Rights Task Force's recommendations on the need to tackle barriers to joint working in the provision of services and support to disabled people.

Mapping of services


The Department of Work & Pensions has issued Social Research Branch report no. 93 - an inhouse report detailing employment-focussed services - in Adobe Acrobat format. The report follows on from the submission of Welfare to Work JIPs and contains a great deal of information about the spread of employment-focussed services across the UK. The report, "Mapping Employment Focussed Services For Disabled People", was written by Hilary Arksey, Patricia Thornton and Julie Williams and is published by HMSO (ISBN 185197 974 3).

European Year of People with Disabilities


Guidance and application forms for participating in the 2003 European Year of People with Disabilities are now available from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The theme will be 'Promoting rights and participation'. Grants of up to £50,000 are available for national and regional projects and up to £10,000 for local schemes. There is also funding for voluntary and community organisations. Competition for grants is expected to be high. Projects may apply under three categories:

  • Raising awareness
  • Participation
  • Advocacy/mentoring
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