The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a free source of information both for supported employment and for disability / employment support generally. In addition to contributions from BASE and its member organisations, the knowledge base also acts as an archive for initiatives such as Valuing People Now.

Supported Employment Definition

Supported employment is an evidence-based and personalised approach to support people with significant disabilities into real jobs

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

The NOS provide the statements of skills and knowledge needed by the supported employment workforce.

Web links

Looking for an industry website? Any useful sites we identify go in here. Please help us by letting us know about any links or content that should be added to our pages.

Quality Standards

Let us know what you think about our draft quality standards for Supported Employment. We're taking feedback until December.

Supported Business Directory

Our unique, interactive tool is specifically designed to:

  • assist procurement officers to find sustainable solutions to their requirements for goods and services
  • enable supported businesses to market themselves to potential customers in both the public and private sectors

Office finder

Find local delivery offices using our office search facility, or browse our list of members to connect with people from across the industry.