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DNDP is a high-end, competitive, secure courier service dedicated to enabling people with disabilities to become self-employed. The freedom to work flexibly helps DNDP partners/people improve their day to day life and lead by example on a local and national level by actively contributing to society.

DNDP was set up to break down the many barriers that prevent people with disabilities from working. In 2008, Bruce Gunn, the driving force behind DNDP, had his own journey to hell and back when confronted with a life-threatening condition that has severely affected his mobility.

Quite simply, Bruce asks the question, 'Why employ one person to work eight hours, when you could employ eight people to work one hour?'

By re-thinking conventional working practices and structures, DNDP ensures professional, seamless and secure delivery to meet the increasing demand for courier services. In doing so, lives are also transformed and, in some cases, literally saved.

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Suite 25, Nasmyth Building, East Kilbride
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